Sam Taggart here – The dynamo behind D2D Experts and your compass in the sales universe

Since my sales journey began at age 11, I’ve transformed 17 years in the field into a beacon of success, similar to the transformative experiences offered at D2DCon. Working with many sales professionals, especially in roofing, I’ve gleaned insights into transcending traditional sales methods.

Whether you’re venturing into roofing sales or managing an empire, I’m here with insights tailored to you.

Have you noticed how old-school roofing sales techniques are losing their luster?

It’s crucial to revamp our strategies and think innovatively.

In roofing sales, it’s not just about the product; it’s about grasping industry subtleties, understanding sales challenges, and employing effective strategies.

I sat down with Lenny Gray, a D2D sales legend known as the D2D Millionaire and the author of Secrets of Making the Sale.

His journey from a young university student in ’98 to a renowned author and trainer is an excellent example of sales evolution. Starting with selling pest control, Lenny swiftly mastered the art of door-knocking, closing 500 accounts in his first year and adding another 200 in the following years.

Check out the podcast below, or keep scrolling for an overview.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Podcast:

  1. Persistence and Adaptability: Key sales traits, as Lenny Gray exemplified.
  2. Effective Communication: Crucial for trust-building in sales.
  3. Closing Deals Skillfully: Techniques that make a difference.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach: Tailoring your sales for varied customer needs.
  5. Ongoing Learning and Growth: Highlighted at D2DCon, vital for evolving in sales.
  6. Sales Culture Development: Cultivating a motivating environment.
  7. Training Significance: A core aspect of D2DCon, essential for all sales levels.
  8. Future of D2D Sales: Insights into upcoming sales trends.

Join us at D2DCon for a deeper dive.

Industry veterans like Lenny Gray will be there to help you avoid common mistakes and excel in your sales career​​.

Discover More at D2DCon:

  • Engaging D2D Sales Sessions
  • Advanced Training Workshops
  • Networking with Top Sales Professionals

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Whether you’re a sales newcomer or a seasoned expert, D2DCon, along with our insightful podcasts, offers invaluable knowledge to revolutionize your approach to sales.

Sam Taggart

Sam’s role as the CEO of The D2D Experts and founder of the annual D2DCon cements his position as a leading authority in sales and business consulting.

With a journey that began at the tender age of 11, Sam quickly emerged as a prodigy in sales, dedicating over 17 years to refining and innovating the craft. His profound experience culminated in the founding of The D2D Association, a testament to his leadership and influence in the industry.

As the author of the influential book “ABC’$ of Closing,” Sam has contributed significantly to the literature of sales, offering deep insights and effective strategies. His exceptional knowledge is further evidenced by his success in building a 7-figure consulting business in under three years.

Sam also hosts the D2D podcast, where he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience. His commitment to upleveling and bringing honour and integrity to the D2D industry is evident in every aspect of his work.