Gearing up for D2DCon 7?

See how to prep like a champ, network with intent, pick the best sessions and follow up like a boss—all by harnessing some of the coolest tools out there.

1- Pre-Conference Game Plan:

Let’s talk prep work. It’s not just about packing your best suit. 

  • Get a grip on tools like to record audio, write notes, capture action items, and generate summaries while also listening to past keynotes to get the vibe of the speakers.
  • Streamline your schedule and use Zapier to send you timely reminders. Here is how you can do that by linking it to your Slack.
  • Look into Haystack’s digital business cards so you’re ready to exchange information instantly with people you meet at the conference. 

2- Networking with Purpose: Building Bridges That Last

Your network is your net worth, right? So, get to know who’s going to be there. 

Research the speakers and sessions meticulously. Pinpoint key attendees and strategize your introductions. 

Want to go a step further?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is more than just a cool sales tool.

It can provide valuable background information to help tailor conversations. 

Networking is the heart of the D2DCon experience, and the only way to do it better is to gather info about who’s attending. 

Keep an eye on the agenda page for what to expect and prepare for. 

3- Session Selection: Investing Your Time Wisely

Choosing suitable sessions can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Mr. ChatGPT can help!

Just run the sessions against a list of areas of interest and let the AI recommend which sessions align the most with your interests. 

4- Tech-Savvy Note-Taking: From Pen to Pixel

Are you thinking of furiously scribbling notes as the speakers speak?

Well, those days are long gone. 

Let AI transcription services capture the dialogue, freeing you to engage without missing a single detail. 

AI apps can transcribe, summarize, and identify essential action items from talks and presentations. 

For instance, Noted can synchronize audio recordings with your notes, making review sessions a breeze.

Find the tool that complements your learning style and ensures you absorb information effectively.

5- Exploring the Expo: Navigating with Precision

Opportunities are ripe for the picking at D2DCon’s expo floor.

Plan your route with interactive maps to ensure you hit all the key vendors.

Scan and store new contacts with apps like CamCard, seamlessly integrating into your CRM system.

6- Post-Conference Momentum: Turning Contacts into Contracts

The real work begins AFTER the conference.

Leverage AI-powered CRM tools to organize new contacts and schedule follow-ups. Break ideas into actionable steps with project management platforms like Trello or Asana.

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Wrapping Up: Amp Up Your Conference Game

Adopting a tech-focused approach won’t just help you maximize each moment at D2DCon but turn any sales conference into a powerhouse of potential.

Remember, it’s not just about being present; it’s about being present with a purpose.

Ready to transform your d2dcon experience into a career-defining move? We’re excited to see how you leverage these insights. Share your journey with us, and let’s elevate the sales conversation together.

Click here to secure your spot at d2dcon and prepare to experience the power of community, innovation, and growth. 

Let’s shape the future of sales together.

Ahsan Zafeer

A digital marketing and sales professional specializing in content-based functional areas – Ahsan Zafeer is driven by a never-ending passion for developing, nurturing, and strategizing key content aspects. He writes extensively on sales, digital marketing, and associated trends, developments and technologies. He also serves as a digital marketing strategist and freelance consultant for globally oriented organizations. He tweets @AhsanZafeer