If you sell solar products or want to sell, each deal brightens the future — for the planet and your wallet in the solar sales world!

There’s nothing quite like selling solar when you already have a passion for sustainability and the talent to wow prospects.

But how much can you hope to earn as a solar sales rep?

In this no-fluff, comprehensive guide, you’re going to discover:

  • The A-to-Z of Solar Sales Comp: Get the insider’s scoop on how the pay structure works and why it might be the gold at the end of your rainbow.
  • Earnings Ecology: From greenhorns to green giants, we’ll look at income ranges across the board. Where do you fit in?
  • Wealth of Wisdom: Tips and tricks? Check. We’re spilling the secrets to pump up your paycheck.

The Average Salary and Commission of Solar Sales Reps in the US

Let’s cut to the chase with this quick breakdown of average earnings in the solar sales industry:

Experience LevelAverage Annual Earnings
Entry-Level$76,300  (Newcomers)
Mid-Level$98,300 (Mid-Level Mastery)
Experienced$157,000 + (Seasoned Pros)
Source: Zippia

Understanding and leveraging your commission structure is the key to success. 

Here are the three major commission models in solar sales:

The Base Plus Commission Model

A Two-Pronged Approach Starting with a base salary gives you a financial safety net. But the real thrill comes from commissions. 

This is where your effort directly fuels your bank account. The more persuasive and effective you are, the higher the commission to be made.

Straight Commission

This is a performance-based structure where you earn a certain percentage of each sale. There’s usually no base salary, so your earning potential is directly tied to your sales performance.

Tiered Commission

The more you sell, the higher your commission rate. This structure rewards top performers and encourages consistent selling.

If you’re stepping into the solar sales arena, expect to earn a starting salary that reflects your budding status. 

Your income potential grows as you gain experience and finesse your skills.

Here’s a snapshot:

You’re looking at around $95,427 annually.

Commission rates vary depending on the company, the product, and the market, but they can range from 5% to 20% or more.

This is in addition to the base salary or the fixed amount you will receive regardless of your sales performance.

Here are some examples of solar sales income based on different scenarios. 

We will assume that the base salary is $45,900 and the commission rate is 10% for 2024.

  • Scenario 1: You make ten sales, with an average value of $20,000 per sale. Your commission will be $20,000 (10% of $200,000), and your total income will be $65,900 ($45,900 + $20,000).
  • Scenario 2: You make 20 sales, with an average value of $20,000 per sale. Your commission will be $40,000 (10% of $400,000), and your total income will be $85,900 ($45,900 + $40,000).

Of course, these are just hypothetical examples, and your actual income as a solar sales rep can be entirely different depending on many factors. 

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Comparison of Solar Sales Rep Earnings by Location

Your earning potential isn’t set in stone as a solar sales rep.

Some areas have a higher number of potential customers, higher electricity rates, and more incentives for solar adoption than others, leading to more opportunities and commissions for solar sales reps. 

For example, according to Talent.com, the average salary of a solar sales rep in California is $100,000/year, while the average salary of a solar sales rep in Texas is $144,741.

These states have well-established solar programs and incentives, which increase demand for solar products and, in turn, your potential customer base. 

In contrast, if you work in states like Alaska or Wyoming, where the solar industry is underdeveloped, expect to earn low.

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Ready to shine? 

The sun is just the beginning — your next move could light up your career.

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