Sam Taggart here, welcoming all the go-getters in the sales world to another exciting blog post. Today, we're diving into the intersection of neuroscience, wellness, and sales success.

In our latest D2D Podcast episode, we hosted a phenomenal guest, Brock Painter.

Brock isn’t just your average neuroscience enthusiast; he’s a behavioral neuroscience expert with a deep understanding of how our brains, bodies, and spirits intertwine to influence our success in sales.

🧠 Fast-growing companies often grapple with fostering a resilient and confident workforce. Brock’s expertise is a game-changer if your team struggles with burnout, a lack of confidence, or a dip in engagement.

Meet Brock

Brock is a door-to-door sales professional turned neuroscientist and a professional practitioner coach accredited through the IAPC&M, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

With over 500+ hours working 1-on-1 with clients, Brock has committed to unraveling the mysteries of neuroscience, health, and wellness. His athletic endeavors as an avid marathon/ultramarathon runner and CrossFit competitor add another layer of resilience and discipline to his insights.

Brock’s approach is unique: he breaks down complex neuroscience principles and tailors them to enhance each individual’s emotional resilience, confidence, and ability to tackle challenges. This leads to a more engaged and productive workforce and elevates your company’s culture, attracting and retaining exceptional talent.

If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry. Watch the full podcast below for a deep dive into Brock’s insights. Keep reading for the distilled wisdom and key takeaways from our enlightening conversation with this neuroscience and wellness guru.

Let’s go “FULL SEND” into this journey of discovery and empowerment!

Meet Brock Painter: A Journey from Door-to-Door Sales to Neuroscience

Before diving into the insights, let’s briefly introduce Brock Painter. 

Starting his career in door-to-door sales, Brock discovered a profound interest in human psychology and wellness.

Pursuing this led him to study neuroscience and psychology, where he learned how these fields could dramatically impact sales performance. 

His unique background makes him an ideal guest to discuss the intersection of sales and neuroscience.

The Brain and Sales: A Deep Dive into Neuroscience

  • Embracing Rejection with Neuroscience: Rejection triggers a ‘fight or flight’ response in our brains. Brock emphasized the importance of staying rational and focused during sales rejections, turning potentially harmful experiences into opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Physical and Emotional Resilience: Our physical health and emotional state significantly impact our selling ability. Brock discussed maintaining a balanced lifestyle and ensuring sound sleep, nutrition, and emotional well-being to enhance sales performance.
  • Understanding Emotional ‘Homes’: We all have emotional setpoints that can either hinder or help our sales efforts. Recognizing and adjusting these emotional ‘homes’ can be transformative in achieving sales success.
  • Cultivating a Winning Mindset: Brock highlighted the importance of a strategic approach to mindset changes rather than simply adjusting attitudes. This involves understanding and rewiring deep-seated belief systems for better sales outcomes.
  • Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence: Awareness of our thoughts and emotions is crucial. This awareness allows us to filter out unproductive thoughts, focusing on those that advance our sales goals.
  • The Power of Reframing: Viewing sales as a continuous journey rather than a series of starts and stops can profoundly change our approach and lead to long-term success.
  • Harnessing Spirit and Energy: Brock discussed the importance of energy management and how cultivating our spirit can positively affect our sales performance.
  • Selective Hearing and Observation: Being conscious of what we choose to hear and see, especially in sales conversations, can significantly influence outcomes. This involves being fully present and attentive.
  • The Necessity of Continuous Learning: Continuous improvement and learning are non-negotiable for sales excellence. Brock advocated investing in personal development and training as essential to sales success.
  • Intentionality in Actions: Setting intentions and being conscious of our actions, whether in daily habits or professional endeavors, can significantly enhance our effectiveness in sales.

Harnessing Your Inner Sales Superpowers

To wrap up, remember that sales are a job and a journey of constant learning, self-improvement, and adaptation. Every interaction and every challenge is an opportunity to master the art of sales. These neuroscientific principles can unlock your true potential and transform your sales approach.

Stay passionate, stay curious, and most importantly, remain committed to growth. And remember, there’s more valuable content waiting for you at D2D University, offering a wealth of knowledge and insider tips to elevate your sales game further.

Keep selling, keep learning, and remember – the key to sales excellence lies within you!

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