As one of the most anticipated events in the D2D sales calendar, the sales conference brought together industry leaders, seasoned professionals, and top software platforms like SalesRabbit.

D2DCon 7 is right around the corner. Excited much?

Let’s explore what happened in the last gathering of door to door pros, earlier this year.

A Sneak Peak Into D2DCon 6

The D2DCon 6 was designed to ensure every participant met the right people, gained transformative insights, and truly tapped into the unique energy and community D2DCon has built a reputation for. 

This powerful ritual symbolized the unity of the community and their unwavering passion and commitment to their craft.

Musical interludes and performances added to the celebratory atmosphere. The dynamic duo of Sam and Dave brought an infectious energy trumped only by the war cry tradition. Attendees got on their feet, pounded their chests, and chanted, “I knock doors!” 

This ritual symbolized the unity, passion, and commitment of the door-to-door sales community.

Going beyond sales, D2DCon 6 delved deep into the importance of mindset, resilience, and personal growth. One speaker highlighted the concept of “vibration” and how one can only be aware of things that resonate at their frequency. This idea of resonance and alignment was a recurring theme, urging attendees to align their actions with their goals and values.

Attendees were encouraged to reflect on where they are, where they want to go, and the challenges in their path. By identifying these challenges and formulating actionable strategies, they could turn obstacles into opportunities.

In summary, D2DCon 6 was more than just a sales conference. 

It was a transformative experience that reshaped perspectives, ignited passions, and provided attendees with the tools and knowledge they needed to excel in the door-to-door sales industry. If you’re serious about elevating your game in this field, D2DCon is the place to be. 

Speakers, Workshops & Beyond

D2DCon 6 boasted a diverse line-up of main-stage speakers, ranging from seasoned door-to-door professionals to social media sensations and globally recognized psychologists who discussed everything from the latest tools to the evolution of door to door sales.

Their insights aimed to enhance sales techniques and leadership skills from the standpoint of the D2D industry.

Some of the keynote speakers included:

– David Meltzer: A force to reckon with in the sales domain.

– Natasha Graziano: The social media maven with a knack for sales.

– Sam Taggart: A veteran in the D2D sales arena.

– Dr. Jordan Peterson: The world-renowned psychologist shed light on the psychology behind sales.

Learn more about everything that happened when Jordan Peterson spoke at the D2DCon 6. 

– Tom Bilyeu: An entrepreneur with insights on scaling sales operations.

Panel Discussions: A Deep Dive

The panel discussions brought together industry leaders to draw on their collective wisdom to discuss specific sectors within the D2D realm.

Some of the key panels Included:

– Solar CEO

– Women’s Sales

– Recruiting

– Marketing

– Pest CEO

– Roofing CEO

– Golden Door

– Solar Sales

– Alarm CEO

– Alarm Sales

The meticulously curated panel featured leaders from a range of industries who shared experience backed tips and posed thought-provoking questions for the sales community.

Practical Insights from the Workshops

Beyond the talks and panel discussions, D2DCon 6 attendees had the chance to roll up their sleeves and get practical.

Workshops covered various topics, ensuring there was something for everyone, allowing attendees to practice new techniques, get hands-on with the latest tech, and receive expert feedback.

Some notable workshops Included:

– How to Sell Your Customer Within 10 Seconds: A deep dive into rapid persuasion techniques.

– Get More from Every Door: This session explored five often-overlooked strategies that attendees could implement immediately.

– Game On! – Level Up Your Field Sales with SalesRabbit: An exclusive workshop by SalesRabbit, shedding light on maximizing field sales potential.

As the door-to-door sales industry eagerly looks forward to D2DCon 7, 

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