Last year, Sam Taggart, the founder and CEO of D2DCon and D2D Experts, took the stage in New Orleans and addressed a diverse crowd from roofers to plumbers, all eager to level up their sales game.

The message from the door to door legend was clear: it’s not just about what you say; it’s about who you need to be and the actions you take to achieve results. 

This philosophy lies at the heart of D2DCon, where we believe in developing better professionals and, more importantly, better humans.

Check out his keynote speech below or read on for its key takeaways to understand what you can expect when he addresses D2DCon in January. 

1- Customizing the Approach: The Power of Choice

Taggart faced a divided audience: half of whom wanted to master closing deals, while the other half sought to perfect their door approach. 

His solution? Dive deep into both. 

This is the tailored experience D2DCon offers – a conference that adapts to your needs, ensuring you leave with practical, in-depth knowledge that resonates with your unique business model.

2- The Art of the Pitch: Reading the Room

Taggart discusses the importance of reading the market and the situation before crafting your pitch. 

Are you in a saturated or fresh market? 

Are you addressing affluent homeowners or budget-conscious residents?

D2DCon will help you fine-tune your approach based on these critical factors so that you don’t just come off as another salesperson but as a trusted advisor to your clients.

3- Demographics and Dynamics: The Human Element

Understanding your audience goes beyond their financial status. 

Taggart talks about considering the demographics – the age, race, and even the mood of the person answering the door.

D2DCon is where you’ll learn to navigate these human elements with empathy and precision, transforming every interaction into a meaningful connection.

4- Visualization: The Key to Confidence

Sam suggests visualizing the sale before the knock. 

In football, it’s like a free throw before taking the shot.

This mental preparation is a game-changer, and it’s a skill that D2DCon prioritizes. We believe in the power of mindset, and our sessions are designed to build pitch-winning confidence.

Ready to elevate your sales game and become a better version of yourself? 

D2DCon 7 is scheduled for January 25-27, 2024, at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Do we need to remind it’s the one event that brings together all the door to door stakeholders, thought leaders and companies under one roof to create an exceptional sales training experience? 

Join us at D2DCon to learn all about the tools, insights, and confidence that will help you take your sales career to unprecedented heights.

Reserve your spot now and transform your approach to sales—and life.

Ahsan Zafeer

A digital marketing and sales professional specializing in content-based functional areas – Ahsan Zafeer is driven by a never-ending passion for developing, nurturing, and strategizing key content aspects. He writes extensively on sales, digital marketing, and associated trends, developments and technologies. He also serves as a digital marketing strategist and freelance consultant for globally oriented organizations. He tweets @AhsanZafeer