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With 17 years of expertise in transforming sales into a pathway to success. I’ve coached thousands, including working in the solar sales sector, sharing insights and strategies that make a real difference. 

Whether you’re just starting in solar sales or leading a team, I’ve got tailored insights for you.

Are you still using old-school methods in your solar sales approach and finding they no longer deliver results? 

Join me as I explore a real-life scenario with a homeowner, Joaquin, who initially expressed little interest in solar energy, mainly due to a lack of interest in saving money.

Watch me demonstrate live door techniques below, or keep scrolling for an overview:

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Podcast:

The Art of the Live Door Approach: Witness a real-life example as I engage with a homeowner, demonstrating how to navigate initial disinterest in solar energy.

  • Identifying Pain Points: Learn how to probe effectively to uncover the real reasons behind a customer’s hesitation about solar energy.

  • Overcoming Objections: Watch and learn as I turn potential objections into opportunities, demonstrating the importance of adaptability in sales.

  • The Financial Argument: See how I shift conversations to highlight the investment aspect of solar panels, drawing parallels with property investments.

  • Educating the Customer: I’ll show you how to inform customers about the long-term cost savings of solar energy compared to traditional electricity.

  • Highlighting Government Incentives: Discover how to leverage time-sensitive government tax credits to create urgency and close deals.

  • The ‘No-Cost’ Appeal: Understand the strategy of presenting solar installation as a risk-free investment for the customer.

  • Personalization in Sales: Learn the importance of building a personal connection with each customer to enhance trust and rapport.

  • Handling Rejection: Gain insights into maintaining professionalism and grace in the face of rejection.

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Final Thoughts

Despite Sam’s persuasive arguments, Joaquin remains uninterested, primarily due to his imminent move and concerns about his credit score. The conversation ends amicably, with Sam thanking Joaquin for his time.

This real-life example illustrates the nuanced art of door-to-door solar sales. For those in the industry, it highlights the importance of patience, adaptability, and effective communication. For homeowners, it sheds light on the potential benefits of solar energy and the type of discussions they might expect from solar sales representatives.

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Sam Taggart

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